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Meet our diverse group of teachers building up community together!

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Yoga Teacher and Anatomy Enthusiast

MyoFascial Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa
Candace is an anatomy educator and a long-time practitioner of yoga and meditation. Candace has a robust background of anatomy and physiology and her focus is to bring an evidence-based approach to functional movement within asana.  as she brings her pursuit of life-long learning and knowledge of the human body to teach how asana impacts the body systems. 750 RYT, and over 10 years of teaching, Candace has continued to live within two worlds, both grounded in science and dancing in mystery;  She is a seeker, she continues to learn and expand her experience within the philosophy, the deeper aspects of what yoga can offer as well as the mystical.

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Yoga Teacher and Wander Luster

Adrienne Kelly has been a student of yoga and nutrition for over 15 years, incorporating both into a holistic lifestyle focused on practices that help us feel connected and strong in body, mind and spirit.  She is known for her invigorating teaching style, intuitive insight and depth of wisdom nutrition and wellness.  Her intention as a teacher is to help each student  recognize their own inner strength and light.  Her classes are fun, innovative and inspiring as they focus on using yoga as a healing tool to honour and deepen the individual connection to personal strength, self-acceptance and love

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Yoga Teacher and Pelvic Floor Expert

Swaati has always had a passion and interest in healthy living. After the birth of her two children, she came to understand the importance of care needed for her post-baby body and mind, and started practicing asana regularly. She knew her exercise and yoga practice needed to fit her health needs, but didn’t always know how.

When Swaati started teaching yoga, she realized yoga for pelvic health was what she needed and where she wanted to be! She takes pleasure in helping her students gain confidence in movement and practice movement that eases their discomfort. Swaati is a lifelong student of pelvic health, yoga and the impact of the two on our mental and physical health. 


Swaati has completed her 500-hour yoga teacher training, pre & postnatal training and yoga for pelvic health training.


She can't wait to practice with you! 


Niharika Kalra

Hatha Yoga Teacher 

Hailing from India, which is the birthplace of Yoga, I have been practicing Yoga since my childhood. However, Life happens and after a long break, I started my Yoga journey again primarily during my
postpartum recovery and since then, it has become a way of life for me. I believe, Yoga is transformative, rewarding and it endows magical results when it comes to healing mind and body.
My teaching style is mainly rooted in Hatha and Ashtanga postures, focusing on spine flexibility, strong back and core as well as finer mobility. I believe the benefits of Yoga are not limited to the ones mentioned above, it has the power to cure numerous health related issues in your body. Through this practice, I would like my students to enjoy the benefits of a strong and disease-free body as well as a stress-free mind because yoga not only enhances physical strength and flexibility but also brings in mental resilience.
I always consider myself a beginner and a learner. Therefore, I am here to share my learnings as well as learn alongside from this beautiful community.

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Yoga Teacher and Body Positive Advocate

Andrea Cecchetto (she/her) has been  practicing yoga and  meditation for over 25 years. She is a 250 YTT certified instructor who celebrates the wellness benefits of mindful movement to support stress reduction, mental health and self-love. She is passionate about creating body positive, accessible and size-inclusive yoga classes. Her gentle classes focus on building connection with the body and emotional awareness through a combination of active movement and restorative postures.

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